Summer Specials

The Daily Apron Sourdough toasted with Karibu Cheese Mix, cranberry and pear. *veg


Weekly smoothie bowl served with fresh fruit, homemade granola, flaked coconut and nut and seed mix. *veg + GF


Sweet potato satay salad - roasted sweet potato, quinoa, grated carrot and a peanut chicken satay.
*GF - also available vegan, topped with nuts (sub chicken).


£6* Veg

The Daily Apron everything bagel served with smashed avocado, feta, microgreens and hot honey.


Iced Tea Lemonades
Peach, Mango and Pink!


Iced latte


Iced Chai


Iced Americano


Iced Espresso Tonic


Headstand *coffee leaf seltzer, ask us about it!


Add a shot of espresso + make it a tonic!